Working to Rebuild Afghanistan

Afghanistan Reconstruction Company, LLC ("ARC") is bringing international resources together with Afghan business and nonbusiness leaders to help rebuild Afghanistan's economy. ARC has attracted a core of experienced businessmen committed to reconstructing Afghanistan's physical infrastructure and reviving Afghan business and commercial institutions. ARC is currently establishing an extensive network throughout the country founded on maximizing local Afghan participation.

ARC is controlled by several members of the Afghan diaspora in USA, Europe and Middle East with a distinguished Afghan heritage. ARC has already deployed a large amount of capital through several projects. ARC fully intends to deploy additional capital of its own and to attract both public and private capital to the rebuilding task ahead.

Afghanistan Finance Company (
Afghanistan Finance Company, the pioneer leasing/financing company in Afghanistan providing fast, flexible and affordable leasing of Agricultural equipments including tractors, threshers, trailers, rice husking machines, vehicles including saloon cars, luxury jeeps, commercial vehicles / cargo trucks, equipments, industrial plants & machinery and power generators etc.  

ARC Construction Company, LLC.
Together with one of Turkey's largest construction companies, ARC has established ARC Construction Company LLC to perform infrastructure reconstruction throughout Afghanistan. ARC Construction has a wide range of heavy construction equipment as well as stone crushing plants, asphalt plant, concrete batching plants, and trained personnel in Afghanistan and is currently engaged in major projects including the Kabul-Kandahar road project. Together with local contractors, ARC Construction aims to bridge local content with global resources by using its extensive country knowledge and capability. ARC Construction is committed to bringing the expertise and resources necessary during the reconstruction process.

Afghanistan Beverage Industries (
Afghanistan Beverage Industries will manufacture and sell quality mineral water and non alcoholic beverages (Carbonated Soft Drinks), juices & UHT milk in special PET and aseptic packaging. The project will initially concentrate on providing the hygienic water required by the population and non alcoholic beverages CSD’s to the people of Afghanistan at affordable prices. Later the production of UHT milk and juices and will be initiated to make it a full spectrum local supplier.

Afghanistan International Bank. (
Afghanistan International Bank has commenced operations in March 2004 out of its headquarters in Kabul. The bank is one of the first home-grown Afghan commercial banks to be set up in the last 23 years. Afghanistan International Bank expects to evolve into a fully operational commercial bank, and initially will provide trade finance services, payment transfers and take deposits from small and medium sized enterprises. The bank will also introduce lending products for both foreign corporations and local small and medium sized enterprises.

These are only examples of the projects currently being pursued by ARC. Afghanistan's economy and infrastructure have been largely destroyed and virtually everything needs to be rebuilt. ARC therefore intends to undertake projects across a broad spectrum. In carrying out its activities, ARC will seek to employ and train Afghan citizens and help build viable local institutions that can contribute to the goals of a peaceful and democratic Afghan society.