ARC Foundation values the opportunity to participate in the rebuilding of Afghanistan and to serve the communities in which ARC Companies operate. At ARC, helping to rebuild for the future is one of the founding principals of our company, and our involvement with the communities that surround our projects and offices is a critical component of our work.

Investments in our communities and education started with the inception of our company, and with the creation of ARC Foundation have continued to grow. We are proud of our employee’s participation in efforts to help local Afghan communities through the volunteering of their time and knowledge, as well as with the support of resources from ARC Foundation. We consider it a privilege to serve our communities and invite you to learn more about our community involvement programs that include Education Partnerships and Gifts for Higher Education, Youth Recreational Projects, Clean Water Initiatives, Community Development & Public Infrastructure Improvement Programs.

ARC at the very beginning of it’s inception recognized that a quality education ushers a lifetime of opportunities, and that Afghanistan’s educational institutions would be the main factor in making sure that Afghanistan would be able to help it’s own people rebuild and sustain long term development. ARC has taken an active role, contributing to assist the Ministry of Higher Education to strengthen development for teachers and build the capacity of schools, universities and communities to educate the citizens and workforce of tomorrow.
As construction was first started on the Kabul- Kandahar highway near the town of Durani, ARC recognized that a ARC Construction and the local Afghan community would both be able to work together to help in the reconstruction process. The current ARC camp site was built at Durani and features a new building with 11 rooms, modern facilities w/ kitchens and bathrooms, and at the close of project completion is to be been donated to the local school district to be used as a girl’s school.

Youth Recreational Projects:
Three main high schools in Kabul are currently undergoing improvements to it’s recreational facilities, with the addition of new equipment and sports facilities. ARC Foundation recognizes the importance of helping to assist Afghanistan’s educational institutions, and at the same time is happy to implement projects that will allow kids to just “have fun”. Improvements such as basketball courts or playgrounds will allow the youth attending these schools to have access to facilities previously unavailable.

Clean Water Initiatives:
Clean Drinking water continues to be a major concern in Kabul and surrounding areas of Afghanistan that have recently faced years of drought. ARC foundation has committed to assist local communities to address this problem, with work beginning in a local village in Kabul on a new deep well with pumps to provide a clean and reliable source of water.
Local Villages throughout Afghanistan, a clean and reliable source of water is vital to the well being of individuals. Along areas of the Kabul- Kandahar highway, ARC Foundation is pleased to be able to assist in the cleaning and rehabilitation of natural streams that are used by local villages.

Community Development and Public Infrastructure Programs:
A wide range of activities are taking place to help communities in Afghanistan unite and to assist with highly needed improvements to surrounding public infrastructure. These activities include the construction or renovation of mosques, to educate and take a role as community centers in areas close to ARC locations in Kabul as well as near the highway construction site,
The construction of a new sewage septic tank for waste water and bath houses in the Microyan neighborhood of Kabul, with construction completion expected through summer.
Paving and rehabilitation of sections of road in Kabul, expected to begin and continue through the summer season, allowing ARC to use it’s expertise and facilities to help in the improvement of the public infrastructure,
Renovations and Painting to buildings or sections of buildings in Kabul.

ARC Foundation will continue with it’s best efforts to practice a proactive philanthropy that develops innovative, pace-setting programs that have an unlimited multiplier effect, and continues to see innovative ways to respond to pressing needs that deliver tangible results. Please free feel to contact us at to discuss any ideas or opportunities to help in any of the above mentioned fields or to discuss working with ARC Foundation in any other activities that will assist to make communities stronger in Afghanistan and all over the world.